Hand Forged knives

Commissioned Works on Paper, paintings, & mixed media

our approach

Púca is a graduate of New York University with a degree in Studio Art. She was introduced to bladesmithing through workshops at Brookfield Art Center & the Guilford Art Center located in Connecticut. She has smithed under two "Forged in Fire" champions. Her Apprenticeship status through the American Bladesmithing Society is anticipated for November 2019. 


James is a poet and fiction writer with a degree from New York University. He is beginning his own blacksmithing journey and his blades will be listed for sale as well. As we begin a side project of children's books, he will be our wordsmith. More information to come.

Ukiyo 浮世, "floating, fleeting, or transient world"

Unlike some of our New York peers, we have a different understanding of the artists work space. Our belief is that to predetermine a series of art is in opposition of the artists function in society. While the market creates this pressure of "sameness" in an individuals body of work, we are determined to maintain a space of spontaneous manifestation rather than branding our materials. 

The word Ukiyo is from the Edo-period of Japan that describes a pleasure-seeking lifestyle. There is no direct translation of Ukiyo in English. Ukiyo-e is a style of art (17th-19th century) in which the characters & places of the Ukiyo lifestyle are celebrated through wood block prints and paintings.

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Púca's Ukiyo

who we are

We believe in ukiyo, no white-wash